The #1 Google Forms Alternative is Formberry

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But what’s the catch? Is it too good to be true?

No, Google Forms is genuine.

It is free and powerful, just like Formberry.

But it also lacks a number of features you’d find in a paid form builder.

It’s not meant to do everything after all.

In this blog, we’ll review the power of Google Forms as well as its limitations.

History of Google Forms

Google Forms was released in 2004

It is designed so that google users can create forms, surveys, polls, quizzes  and more.

Since the initial release, the online form and survey building category was born.

They inspired a wave of new form building software.

Software that served unique and specific, even enterprise use cases.

Simple and advanced builders.

In 2024, Google Forms remains a favorite tool amongst individuals, businesses, agencies and enterprises.

The Linear Layout

So what makes Google Forms, Google Forms? It really comes down to the linear layout.

And they are of course a major tool in the GSuite.

The linear layout is the classic form layout you know very well created by Google Forms.

It’s this one:

Guess what? Formberry offers both the linear and multi-step layout.

So you can basically choose between a Typeform or a Google Form.

Interface and customizability

Ok, so the user point of view while creatiing a form will be different.

But the form previews and live forms from the respondents point of view will be identical.

Again, Formberry users have the ability to toggle between the multi-step or linear layout.


Google Forms offers a number of third party integrations, in addition to API access.


Ever dealt with Google support before?

Surprisingly, they are quite helpful.

But with most Google tools, users typically rely on help documentation.

Like Google Forms, Formberry users have the option to connect a support agent (via chat and email) or search our extensive help center and documentation.

Free vs Free vs Paid

As noted, Formberry allows users to select between the classic Google Forms (linear) layout, or the iconic multi-step (Typeform) layout.

So while Google Forms is free and robust, it is ultimately limited in its features and customizability when comparing to other form builders.

Formberry’s free plan offers everything that Google Forms offers, aside from being a native app to the G Suite toolset, plus more.

So Google Forms and Formberry are both free and identical in nature.

Comparing Formberry

Google Forms and Formberry are identical, but also the opposite. Sure, it sounds contradicting — but let us explain.

When we say identical, Formberry can function exactly like Google Forms.

From the layout to the features.

Closing Thoughts

We understand the value of Google Forms.

You can’t not respect them. They provide a ton of value, free forever.

Millions of people love it.

It’s precisely the reason we released the linear style layout at Formberry.

Users get access to all the benefits Google Forms has to offer and then some.

So if you’re using Google Forms, that’s great. It’s good to keep it simple, and free.

But if you’re looking for a little bit more customization, a little more pop and style, it’s worth considering an alternative like Formberry.

You can maintain the same layout and functions that your Google Forms have while  also improving the respondent experience.

You can Import your Google Forms into Formberry with one click.

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